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Happy New Year Event Empty Happy New Year Event

Post by YoKozo on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:01 pm

From the official Joymax page


Happy New Year All Tamers!!!

In order to celebrate new year, 2012, we have prepared special events for you!!

- Period: January 10, 2012 ~ February 7, 2012 JOYMAX STANDARD TIME

- Winners Notice: February 7, 2012

- Event items giveaway from drawing: February 14, 2012 JOYMAX STANDARD TIME

Event 1. Train new Digimon!
To celebrate the New Year, we will give away gifts to users who reach ranks 1st to 3rd for mercenary ranking and mercenary size ranking of the four new Digimon per server. Think that getting into the top 3 is too hard for you? Worry no more, because we will also be picking 50 random tamers per server who will be training any one of the 4 new Digimon for free gifts!

Event 2. Screen Shot Event Together with Partner Digimon!
To celebrate the Burst Mode update of partner Digimon, we will be picking out 25 users who will post and upload, on the Event Board, the most creative screenshots of their Digimon in Burst Mode while in battle.

Event 3. It's the New Year! Return, Legendary Tamers!
Tamers who have not logged on once to the Digimon Masters since December 1, 2011 will be provided various items if they connect to a game during the event period.

Event 4. A Special New Year's Gift from Frigimon!
The Frigimon has prepared a quest through which you can receive a special gift for the New Year. Check the quest with Frigimon, hunt field monsters all around the Digital World and gather 2012 stamps. Give them to Frigimon and you will receive a special gift.

Event 5. Enjoy Level Up with Additional EXP!
During the event period, users on the Lucemon and Leviamon servers will receive an additional 100% EXP on weekdays and an additional 200% EXP on weekends.

Event 6. Log On Every Day Event for the New Year!
You will receive various items according to playing time if you enjoy the Digimon Masters during the event period. Please remember that you have to scan the Winter Gift Box to find out what is inside!

* To celebrate the year of Dragon, you will get digmon related dragon such Dracomon from the Winer Gift Box

Event 7. Dats Center Support for New Tamers!
New tamers who visit the Digital World for the first time during the event period will receive items from the Dats Center.

Event 8. The Gift of Patamon&Dokunemon
If you purchase Patamon DigiEgg or Dokunemon DigiEgg in Item Mall,
you will receive Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg
※ Period: Jan. 10, 2012 ~ 13:00 on Jan. 31, 2012 (Joymax Standard Time)
※ Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg are bound to the character

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Happy New Year Event Empty Re: Happy New Year Event

Post by ritzbitz8 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:58 pm

|Thanks for posting this dude. Now to decide if I should buy a Patamon or Dokunemon...

My Army:
LV 80 Salamon 127% 5/5
LV 73 Goblimon 123% 5/5
LV 73 Betamon 123% 5/5
LV 68 Renamon 123% 5/5
LV 65 Tentomon 116% 4/5
LV 62 Mechanorimon 123% 5/5
LV 57 Guardromon 118% 4/5
LV 56 Candlemon 125% 5/5
LV 48 Fanbeemon 118% 4/5
LV 47 Musyamon 115% 4/5
LV 47 Sharmamon 123% 5/5
LV 46 Terriermon 123% 5/5
LV 46 Hawkmon 109% 4/5
LV 46 Kunemon 107% 4/5
LV 43 DorumonDEX 114% 4/5
LV 43 Agumon Partner
LV 41 PawnChessmon W 115% 4/5
LV 37 Veedramon 107% 4/5
LV 36 PawnChessmon B 120% 5/5
LV 36 Woodmon 115% 4/5
LV 35 Gladimon 123% 5/5
LV 33 Dracomon Green 114% 4/5
LV 32 Tanemon 114% 4/5
LV 31 Dokunemon 120% 5/5

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