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Post by Key720 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:17 pm

Has anyone else watched this? I find it's quite relevant considering the type of game we're playing.

The series is about a MMO game called Sword Art Online that makes use of virtual reality. Players wear a virtual reality helmet to log in; they'll be running and swinging swords and killing monsters in-game without lifting a finger in the real world. Sounds awesome, yeah?

There's a little twist though. The game master is a prick and decided to disable the log out feature. When you die in-game, you're gonna die in real life as well.

Sure, the plotline isn't the most amazing, exciting thing ever. But, it's damn nostalgic watching characters slaughtering monsters to get loot and level up, how they had to choose a certain build and ... partying. Oh gods, the pains of finding a party.

Also, lovely soundtrack. The composer is Kajiura Yuki, who is responsible for making series such as .hack//Sign, Mai-HiME and Fate/Zero sound awesome. Very Happy

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