July 24 - August 21: Recommend a friend!

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July 24 - August 21: Recommend a friend! Empty July 24 - August 21: Recommend a friend!

Post by Key720 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:29 pm

July 24 - August 21: Recommend a friend! 1126406-PQOVOEY

^ Has anyone else done this yet?

Ritzbitz, Cy (Artifical), YoKozo and I have done it. No, we didn't go and bug a friend to join the game for our sakes; we created an alternate account, created a new tamer and recommended each other's main tamer.

It took us 3 hours and a half to get to tamer level 20 on a weekend (200% bonus exp) and ExpBooster, which is an item you get as a new tamer, on.

Now I'm enjoying 7 days worth of 100% bonus exp, 100% DS increase in recovery, and it's at least 2x slower to get fatigued. Also, two evolutors and 3 300% boosters that last for an hour each.

I don't like the fruit of goddess though. Made my Impmon from 117% to 116%. facepalm I should've learnt from Ritz's experiences with that item.

Anyway, who else is gonna do this event? Cookie monster

My website: DMO NPC ...the place where you can find that *&!@ PawnChes##on - it's very outdated. Will revamp it.

Tamer level: 51
My digimon-in-training:
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Level 61 - Monodramon/Strikedramon/Cyberdramon/Justimon
Level 41 - Dracomon/Coredramon (Green)/Groundramon/Breakdramon [Java]
Level 31 - Betamon/Seadramon/MegaSeadramon [Python]
My digimon-in-vacation:
Level 47 - Elecmon/Leomon/Panjyamon/SaberLeomon
Level 42 - Gaomon/Gaogamon/MachGaogamon/MirageGaogamon
Level 35 - Kunemon/Flymon/Okuwamon

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